Hire a Van and Grow your Business

Van & Car Self Drive Hire, Low Rates & Deposit, for Newcastle, South Shields, North Shields & Wallsend

It is often said that you should only invest in something which will appreciate in value, and that you would be wise to lease anything that will depreciate. This is particularly true when it comes to vehicles, which begin to lose value the second they are driven out of the dealer’s forecourt. Our vans are frequently hired by people who are starting up or running their small business, and want to limit their outgoings. They prefer the low cost, versatile option of vehicle rental as and when, without having to worry about tax, MOT or insurance. They also know that with our vans, they are sure of a high performance, well maintained vehicle that is unlikely to let them down. A smart, modern and professional looking van can instil customer confidence and help create just the right impression.

Van Hire for Business Start Up

Start up businesses sometimes opt to buy a second hand vehicle as a low priced alternative to buying new. This comes with the risk of things going wrong or underlying problems coming to the surface. The last thing you want when trying to establish your business as reliable, is a breakdown, or having to spend money on necessary repairs. There is also the issue of paying out for ongoing work resulting from wear and tear.

Flexible Vehicle Rental

Renting a van allows you to try out different sizes and styles of vehicle, in order to assist with those all important decisions, if you eventually decide you will need your own van. This is a lot better than purchasing blind and then later discovering a snag you hadn’t thought of. Hiring a van only when you have to is an excellent way to save expense while you are growing your business. We offer short or long term local hire with attractive rates, giving you lots of choice and allowing exceptional flexibility when you need it.
One of the major benefits of hiring your business vehicle is that having a fixed monthly rate, makes preparing your accounts more straight forward. There is no agonising about what to do with the van when it is no longer required or at the end of its life, as it is simply returned to the hire company.
If you need the use of a van for your business, or to carry out removals or deliveries in places like South Shields, North Shields or Wallsend, you might try us here at Economy Hire. Based in Newcastle, we provide self drive vans and cars for use within a 100 mile radius of the city centre, charge only a £50 deposit and our flexible service includes half day hire. Call Economy Hire on 0191 295 5455.

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